martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Wool Fibers

I fell in love with Corriedale fiber a few months ago. There is a huge production of this type of fiber here in Chile but almost all of it is sell and send to other countries. When I just started spinning, frustrated because I couldn´t find the yarns I wanted to knit, I used to work whit Rustic fiber, meaning that wool from ships that are not for fiber production but for meat, it itches, is very short and its colour is far away from that snow white that Merino, corriedale and high quality wools have. I´ve been spinning some rustic yarn these days, I noticed it takes more time to complete a 100 grams skein but it´s totally worthy it floats and it´s so beautiful and I remember most clients tell me they look like clouds, dirty, but clouds after all. If you are allergic keep it away from your skin!!! but you can use it to wave some tapestry or carpets like I do.

Rustic handyed Green Yarn versus Natural Corriedale Yarn. Love them both, But I love Rustic from much longer XD

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