jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Journey to the golden fleece module one!

I am SOOOOOOO happy to have this lovely ball of yarn in my hands! I've been so busy, I actually never notice, and I think this happens when we do something we love! that I don't take time to myself. I have spun a lot in the last three months, and I've been thinking since I read the module 1 of the Journey to the golden fleece of when my creative spirit told me it was not letting go. I started dyeing when I was 12 years old, and I have always loved all fibers and textiles related arts. Coming from a textile family ( they had a knitwear company for 40 years) I decided to study something different, English. Life didn´t agree with me, and I came back home to help with the knitwear company. So, a bit of context, La Ligua is known as the city of knits in Chile. It started with handmade camelids Ponchos and shawls and over the years the looms and hand operated knitting machines were change by bigger really expensive European machine, and natural fiber yarns for acrylic yarns. Working at the store, tourists were always asking about handmade items, or wool or alpaca, and it was very hard to find arround here. I traveled to Pucon during September, Pucon is in the south of Chile, lots of tourism, everything is green and beautiful, where there's handspun yarn and tons of wood handcfrafter souvenirs. So, being there I just had the idea of needing to take a pice of that cozy place to La Ligua. Came back home and convince my gransmother and my mom to close the shop and replace it with a handmade store, textile of course, so going back to the roots as some people call it From that trip to Pucon I remember a bag orange green and natural white, it is woven , and so irregular, it had woden buttonn. That's where I got my colors for this special yarn, and then this cones of yarn are from my family's factory, lucky me it's yarn!!! So after looking at them for days I got to spin this yarn, not very good with technic names but, here I go, corespun and black threat autowrapping, then I use the black thread to wrap the yarn in the opposite direction and wrapped it with white bouclé yarn and light lilac alpaca :)

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