viernes, 21 de enero de 2011


Busy days here at the store, we have many "vacation clients" that come to the beaches near la Ligua and visit the store to buy yarns to knit while they enjoy their days off.
It´s been a while since I last post, I´ve been working in new yarns and returning to the Pre-Columbian textiles research, making quipus qith my sister and weaving some technics samples on my little loom .And this coincided with Cecilia Vicuña visitting the city . Cecilia is a Chilean Artist that lives in New York, she came to la Ligua to exhibit a movie she made in 1983 called Paracas at the local Museum. It was an interesting proposal with live Pre-Columbian Music by Pichimuchina . It was such an energy shot to be there and talk to them next day when they came to the store, hope to see more presentations like those arround here.

3 comentarios:

titicandia dijo...

Muy originales, me gusto mucho.

memegalarce dijo...

Me muero de alegría Paula...estuviste con Cecilia Vicuña tejiendo???...esa es una experiencia unica de intercambio. Felicidades!!!

Paula dijo...

Sii, fue genial, Cecilia es muy simpatica, y tiene una vision muy distinta, se nota que valora el trabajo, la dedicacion y sabe tanto! Ah y los chicos que venían de Pichimuchina tambien, es tan gratificante conocer personas que disfrutan tanto lo que hacen :)